I am a Bay Area based artist, currently an MFA student at Academy of Art University in Visual Development for Animated Films. What I love most is to design characters, props, and environments to tell stories. I began my art journey in fine art, working mostly in figurative impressionism, graduating from UC Davis in 2017 with a BA in Studio Art. However, I eventually realized that animated films and storytelling are what inspire me the most. Thus, I decided to pursue visual development, and it has been a rewarding ride.

My influences include American, European, and Japanese style animation. All three have played important and specific roles in my artistic growth, in terms of both style and storytelling. I am so grateful that there is so much amazing and diverse art and animation in the world, that I get to enjoy.

My hobbies (other than visual art) are reading, music, photography, learning Japanese, and exploring the city around me. I also have a pet chicken, her name is Camilla. She pecks at my feet when I sketch in the backyard.